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Welcome to Cofas Hoiva Oy

Professional Home Care Services

COFAS HOIVA OY is a registered Home Care Service that enables the client to have a good everyday life and professional living at home. Cofas care offers personal hygiene, nutrition, health support, laundry and clothes management, cooking, warming food and most of all peaceful communication and listening to our customers. We operate in Espoo , Helsinki,  Vantaa, Kerava and Kirkkonummi areas in Finland.

To be the home healthcare provider of choice in Finland,

To provide personalized, quality, compassionate and accessible home care services.

We always put our clients first

We do understand and prioritize the urgency of your medical needs. We put your interests ahead of everything else to provide you with quick and quality services.

Why Choose Us?

The Best Medics

We work with the Cities of Espoo , Helsinki,  Vantaa, Kerava and Kirkkonummi to provide you with the best medical experts

Great Testimonials

We have been consistent in offering reliable services to our clients and we have a pool of past clients to provide testimonials.

Enhance Clients Life

We enhance our clients’ life by promoting health and encouraging independence and restoring self-care.


The wealth of knowledge and experience that comes with our care is a gift to the individual and the family.

Our objective is to provide personalized, quality, compassionate and accessible services

Medical Profile

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Professional Home Care Services