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Elizabeth Mökkönen

Elizabeth Mökkönen

Elizabeth Mökkönen

Founder member, Secretary General and Board member

Social Scientist and a Qualified Nurse

Elizabeth is a social scientist and a Nurse with over nine years’ experience in operations in research in Public Health issues. This includes additional training and competences in Medical & Patient Management in resource-limited areas, with a bias to clinical Care and Psychological management. Her major strengths include working with different agencies, in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and working with communities and public health and advocacy issues as well as organizational development and system strengthening.

She has been a lead consultant for institutions of Health, aiming at improved healthcare services for communities by ensuring access to quality healthcare. She is a founder member and Chief Executive Officer of the Community Forum For Advanced and Sustainable Development (COFAS) which advocates for an inclusive society where persons with different gender and abilities enjoy equal rights and has access to affordable quality health information, education and rehabilitation services.

Elizabeth also excels in working with vulnerable populations and in difficult surroundings and circumstances. This has enabled her to develop strong character and soft people skills that are key in enabling the achievement of objectives. She has led community initiatives against GBV and HIV/AIDS (COFAS) team, a Local Associate of ASAP, to carry out surveys on the status of GBV/GE response in relation to HIV and in several developing countries.

She has been actively involved in the development of documentation leading to the mainstreaming of Gender Equity and Gender Based Violence as central components of strategies, programming, policy and advocacy efforts for the period 2015– 2020

Elizabeth is currently pursuing an Open Master’s degree studies in Global and Public Health from the Tampere University in Finland.

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